Habitat For Humanity of Marion County is a volunteer driven organization, so we depend heavily on a strong volunteer

base to help with our efforts. Simply put,

Habitat would not exist without the help of volunteers. 


We're looking for skilled and unskilled construction workers, retail workers and office help.


Para mas informacion sobre nuestro programa, Por Favor de llamar o communicarce por coreo electronico con
Hector Melendez
(352) 351-4663


Habitat for Humanity of Marion County is able to build homes for those in need of appropriate shelter. No specific skills are needed, and on-site instruction is provided. Volunteer tasks include hammering, painting, trim, fascia & soffit, installing flooring, doors, and ramps, laying sod, and performing most of the labor involved in building a home.


All of our volunteer days for construction are every Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday from 7:30am-12:30pm


Step 1:

READ THE VOLUNTEER WAIVER THEN FILL OUT THE FORM BELOW: All volunteers must have a Release and Waiver of Liability form submitted prior to any hours of service. You can read the waiver below, then fill out and submit your information to our Volunteer Coordinator.



Volunteer Agreement, Release and Waiver of Liability

MAKE SURE YOU HAVE READ THE RELEASE & LIABILTY WAIVER ABOVE BEFORE YOU SUBMIT. Enter your information below then click NEXT.On the next page you will add your emergency contact info,check the acknowledgment box & submit.

You can also download waiver form below

Step 2:

READ THE CONSTRUCTION SITE GUIDELINES: Download and read the Habitat Construction Site Guidelines. These guidelines include all the information you will need to know before you volunteer, including construction orientation and safety tips.

Step 3:

WATCH THE "VOLUNTEERING ON A HABITAT CONSTRUCTION SITE" VIDEO AND READ THROUGH THE SAFETY TIPS: All construction volunteers must watch the construction safety video below, then read through the safety tips.



Safety is everyone’s concern:

Try to be conscious of the safety of others as well as yourself. If you see a dangerous situation, speak up. If you are not sure how to proceed with a project, ask questions. Many of our volunteers have little construction experience, and we need to help each other. Never put yourself or others at risk. A first aid kit is in the tool trailer. In an emergency, call 911. Drink lots of water!

Ask for whatever protective items you need:

hard hat, safety goggles, dust mask, ear plugs, or gloves. When people are working above you, you must wear a hard hat.

A word of caution from Habitat for Humanity International to senior volunteers:

Older volunteers should not work from heights, work alone, carry heavy loads, or perform other tasks that require a lot of upper body strength.

Inspect hand tools:

Make sure they are free from dirt and oil, and sharp enough for the job. Check for loose handles. Find out the best way to use them. Carry sharp tools pointed downward.

Use power tools carefully:

Find out how to use them safely with your construction supervisor. Check the tool, its cord, the extension cord, and plug for any dirt or defects. You must be 18 or older to use power tools on our job sites.

Be especially careful with power saws:

Power saws can bind and result in a severe kick back. Support what you are working on properly – never attempt to cut something that could tilt or fall and cause the saw to slip. A spring-actuated blade guard often can become bent and won’t slide quickly, or the spring can become stretched, so the return is slow. Alert the site supervisor to any needed repairs. Never tie the blade guard back out of the way. Keep your fingers away from the blade! You must wear safety goggles or tempered eyeglasses when using the power saw or when assisting someone who is.

Be careful with ladders:

Check for defective rungs and test the ladder to make sure it is secure at the top and bottom. In sandy soil use scrap lumber to stabilize the ladder. Put your tools in a tool belt to keep both hands free for climbing, and never leave your tools unattended on top of the ladder. Never lean both shoulders away from the ladder. Keep metal ladders away from electrical lines!

Roofs are dangerous:

No one in poor health should go up on the roof. Move about very carefully. Don’t let your hammer slide off the roof. Scrape sand off your shoes before you start up the ladder. Do not work on a wet roof.

Clutter leads to accidents:

Help maintain a clean work area. Pick up nails and other sharp items. Please put tools away when you are not using them so that no one steps on them or trips over them. Always watch your step.

Heavy lifting can injure your back:

Don’t do it! Ask the site supervisor for help.


Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Hector Melendez at (352) 351-4663 or email at for updated information on job site locations and to schedule your work day. Our current construction schedule is listed below, *locations are subject to change*

Are you under the age of 16 and interested in construction volunteering?

Click the button below, and see all the ways you can volunteer at a job site! 


ReStore transparent.png

Our thrift stores provide revenue which subsidizes the administrative overhead of our affiliate, allowing more donor dollars to go into our families, providing them the strength, stability, and independence they need to create a better life for themselves and their families. Thrift store volunteers help by cleaning and sorting donations, stocking shelves, and providing customer service.


The ReStore offers more flexible hours for volunteering. The hours are 8:30am-4:30pm Monday-Saturday.

Step 1:

SCHEDULE YOUR RESTORE ORIENTATION: All ReStore volunteers must schedule a ReStore orientation with the Volunteer Coordinator prior to any hours of service. This orientation will go over the ReStore volunteering process. You will also fill out a Volunteer Waiver and handbook acknowledment. To schedule your ReStore orientation, contact Volunteer Coordinator, Hector Melendez at 352-351-4663 or email at

Step 2:

TAKE THE ONLINE SAFETY COURSE: All volunteers must take the safety training course before you can volunteer at the ReStore. Instructions for the safety course can be found by clicking the link below.




ReStore Volunteer Policy: 

  • 16 years of age and older

  • 4 Hour Shifts Preferred

  • Must call the ReStore 24 hours in advance to:

    • Schedule a shift

    • Make changes to a shift

    • Cancel a shift

  • Hours are 8:30 – 4:30

Contact our Volunteer Coordinator, Hector Melendez at (352) 351-4663 or email at with any questions or concerns


Schedule a Construction Volunteer Day for your group!


 A volunteer group can be made up of colleagues, congregants, students, friends, and/or family members. We want this to be a fun and engaging experience for everyone in your group and look forward to arranging a volunteer opportunity with you!

Getting Started:

You have a great idea to help out in the community, now what? Check in with your team to make sure volunteering with Habitat for Humanity is a good fit.

Can your group volunteer from 7:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. on a Tuesday, Thursday, or Saturday? 

Can you select a date when interested participants can attend? We can accommodate up to 12 people per site.

 Are members of the group comfortable working outdoors on a build site?

 As the group leader, can you commit to working with the Volunteer Coordinator to schedule volunteers for the day?

If you (and your group!) answered yes to these questions then you are ready to schedule a date.


Scheduling a Work Day:

Contact Hector Melendez, Volunteer Coordinator, at or 352-351-4663 with your proposed volunteer day. If that day is open we will happily add you to the schedule. Depending on how far out the date is scheduled the Volunteer Coordinator may be able to provide you with the address of the worksite. Please note that construction schedules change quickly due to the weather, availability of skilled individuals, and other factors so the location may change prior to the scheduled date. The Volunteer Coordinator will update the group leader of any changes.

Registering Volunteers:

All members of your team will need to fill out a Volunteer Waiver that the Volunteer Coordinator will provide for you.
Funds and Photos:
We ask that you take pictures or video of your group on site. We love to share construction progress on our website and on social media! You may also share these pictures in your own communications.



Habitat for Humanity of Marion County welcomes volunteers who are required to complete court ordered community service hours. In order to assure a positive experience, please read the following policy.



Applicant must be at least 16 years of age with a valid ID.

Charges we do not accept:

- Violence (battery, domestic violence, any type of assault)

- Weapon charges

- Any kind of Theft

- Breaking and entering (burglary and/or robbery)

- Felony DUIs

- Lewd behavior or Sexual Offenses

- Larceny

*You must bring in a copy of the court order when you come in for your volunteer orientation*



• Applicant is responsible for signing in and out during your volunteer shift at the site. Habitat is not

responsible for hours not logged or not signed.



Habitat for Humanity of Marion County reserves the right to terminate agreement for court ordered community service if the participant is in any way unproductive, disruptive, or in any other way negatively impacts the accomplishment of the daily goals.


Contribute to our mission by providing support for community based events and help us increase our presence in Marion County. Volunteers are needed to help with annual events and fundraisers like the Strawberry Festival and Pro Rodeo! Check out all of our upcoming events by clicking the link below.


Administrative volunteers contribute to the overall success of our affiliate. Volunteers are needed to help with newsletters, filing, data entry, shredding, answering phones, and many special projects throughout the year. If interested, call our office at 352-351-4663.


A Team Leader promotes the mission and vision of HFHMC while leading volunteers to complete tasks safely and with the highest level of quality. Team Leaders are essential and are ambassadors for HFHMC in our community!



 • Desire to serve the Marion County community
• Comfortable speaking to and leading groups of people
• Organized and proactive
• Willing to learn and share knowledge
• Available to lead a team 2-4 times a year


• Valid Drivers License

• Ability to lift 20 pounds, climb ladders and stairs, and stand for long periods of time


• Prepare for volunteer project
• Lead the Welcome Circle/Prayer
• Manage any conflicts within your team with skill and diplomacy
• Ensure an excellent volunteer experience


• Community involvement and an opportunity to meet and lead diverse groups of people
• Hands-on training from HFHMC Construction and ReStore staff
• Leadership experience
• Invitations to Wall Raisings and House Blessings


• Construction: Tuesday, Thursday & Saturday, 7:30 – 3:30
• ReStore: Monday – Saturday, 8:30 – 4:30

If interested, please fill out Team Leader Application and submit to
Volunteer Coordinator, Hector Melendez at