Family Partner Friday: Meet Natesha

"I'm a single mother of 3 kids who I love dearly. I'm trying hard to provide for them, and doing it alone is even harder, but my faith in god allows me to look at life differently. I was born in Gainesville but raised in Ocala with my mother who had 5 kids growing up. Life was hard because we didn't have much, but momma did what she could to raise her girls the right way. I remember days where we had no power or food to eat, and we would watch momma cry and pray to God asking better for us. We didn't have much, but we did have God and plenty of love, so that was always enough."

"When I turned 20, my mother passed away, but I took what she taught me, and I grew to love and trust in God. I had my first child, Jaquan when I turned 21 and I made a promise that day that no matter what it takes, I won't allow him to go through what I went through growing up. We faced a lot of challenges early on, but I had to do what I had to do, staying with my granny to help stay on our feet."

"Well in 2016 I had my second child, Nyia, but not long afterwards my granny was murdered and I lost all hope. I asked God why he would put all of this burden on me and my family. I had nobody in life to go to, but I restored my faith in God and trusted his timing again in 2017 when my third child, Josiah was born. Josiah was born half deaf, and had bad hearing early on. He would also get seizures throughout the day. All I could do was pray to God and trust in him. Within months, after numerous doctor visits and prayer, Josiah started hearing again and his seizures started to fade away. God has truly been good to me."

"I've never been able to provide a birthday party outside at home, in a yard for my kids, so I wanted to change that. Looking for a home became harder and harder, so I said a big prayer to God asking for help to find my own home before I turn 35. I was willing to do whatever it took to see my kids happy and in their own rooms. 2 years later, I applied for a Habitat house, and now I'm working on my FOREVER HOME! I cant wait to see my kids on their birthday out in the yard playing on a Bounce House for the first time! Habitat believes in me and is with me every step of the way. Even though I'm a single mother of 3, I know God loves me and I will do whatever it takes to get my family into our FOREVER HOME. God is love. God is real, and faith moves mountains that we can't move alone."

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