Family Partner Friday: Meet Deanna

We want to start spotlighting our amazing family partners who put so much time & effort into our program. We want to tell their stories, their backgrounds & how they ended up with Habitat for Humanity...

Today we start with Family Partner, Deanna!

"I'm a 27 year old single mom w/ 2 beautiful boys & 1 fur baby. My boys & I are currently living in a 1 bedroom at my aunts house. I heard about HfH from a lender I was working with at the time.

"When I was younger, I watched my mother struggle to support 3 children. She was never home, working jobs that didn't pay enough. We ended up in a rundown 2 bedroom apartment growing up, where I was sharing a room with 2 brothers.

"After getting married & divorced, and having 2 beautiful boys, I started to make goals for myself. 1. Get a good job. 2. Show my children a happy, hardworking parent. 3.Get my children their own rooms and a yard to play in. We are happy with the little that we have, and they know that I'm working to make things better. Now that the boys are able to see the walls being built and their own yard, they are just so overwhelmed with excitement. It makes me proud to know I'm on my own path now."

There's a story to tell with every homeowner. Thank you Deanna for everything you're doing for your children & for sharing your story with us!

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