Habitat for Humanity Strawberry Festival

2020 Pet Contest

($5 entry)


Best Costume – handmade is the best but store bought is welcomed. Dress your pet in their best outfit and let them show off – Judged on originality and costume. Hint: owners could dress in character as well for extra points

Best Trick- have your pet perform their best trick- wow the judges and the audience (ex. Sit, stay, off leash, retrieve, cool tricks etc.). Judged on trick performance and complexity of trick  


Cutest – we know all the pets are cute, but we must pick the top three cutest pets around. Make sure your pet is looking good and ready to show off their coats, feathers or hair to impress the judges. Sunglasses, bows, ties, bowties are acceptable to WOW over the judges. Judged on overall cuteness


Owner Look Alike - Who doesn’t look like their pet? This is the time to show off, you can dress the same, have the same glasses, brush your hair the same etc. Some owners/pets do not need anything as they just look like their pets. Judged on how much an owner looks like their pet.


Best Rescue – We feel people who rescue pets have a unique and tender heart and we love to hear stories of how you rescued your pet or how your pet rescued YOU. There are too many unwanted animals and we want to focus on adoption and hear how your pet became a part of the family. Judged on uniqueness and overall story on why you chose your pet or why your pet chose you. Please submit your story in advanced for judges review to tarens@habitatocala.org

*No intact males

*No aggressive dogs or behavior

*No retractable leashes

*All dogs must be on a leash

*All dogs must have a properly fitted collar or harness

*All dogs must be current on vaccinations

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