How Do I Qualify?

You may be eligible for a Habitat for Humanity of Marion County home if: 
You are currently residing in Marion County
You have been working for the last year in the same line of work
You are a first-time homebuyer
You are a U.S. resident

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Need for Affordable Housing

You do not already own a home. 
You are currently living in substandard housing, which would include any of the following conditions:

       - Home is in poor physical condition. 
       - Home is overcrowded
       - Rent is subsidized. 
       - Rent is more than 30% of gross income. 
Your household gross income is between 30% and 80% of the area median income. (see Income guidelines below)

Income Eligibility (effective 06/2022)
Annual Gross Income Guidelines

2022 Median Income Guidelines.png

Ability To Pay

You must have proof of sufficient income from a reliable source which enables you to have the ability to make affordable monthly mortgage payments. (at least 12 months on current job) 
You need to be able to pay the required $1,200.00 of closing cost. (pay in monthly installments if necessary)
Credit matters – target credit score of 580 or higher. If no credit score, you will need to meet non-traditional credit guidelines. You do not have excessive debt or multiple accounts in collection. You do not have any judgments or liens against you. 
You pay your rent on-time. 

You must meet the income guidelines 

•Our calculations are based using gross income and must be:
   •Likely to last for 3 years

• Sources of income that are considered:
   •Employment Income    •Social Security    •Self Employment (2 yr. history)
   •Disability Income           •SSI                          -must provide 2-yr Tax Return
   •Child Support                 •Pension                  -must include P&L Statement

You must meet the debt-to-income ratios
The estimated affordable mortgage + escrows payment must not be more than 30% of your gross income.
The total of your monthly debt payments (including the estimated mortgage payment) cannot exceed 43% of your gross income. 

Credit worthiness
Credit matters – target Credit Score of 580 or higher. 
If there are no scores, documentation of three credit references will be required with no more than thirty days delinquent on two or more regular monthly payments.
Can have up to $2,000 in non-medical collections, however, all collections will have to be paid off before closing.
More than three years have lapsed on bankruptcies and foreclosures

Each homebuyer has a home and mortgage that fits what their income can afford



Gross monthly income 

Affordable monthly payment
(principal, interest, property taxes,
homeowner insurance, ground lease fee
& annual termite inspection)

Willingness to Partner with Habitat

Sweat Equity = the work hours that you are required to complete before moving into your home.

You must complete 20 sweat equity hours per month to remain in the program


= 5 hours per week & attend training workshop

You and your family are able and willing to fulfill “250 Sweat Equity" hours by working together with other volunteers.

You must attend "Future Homeowners" Classes that will teach you the concept of Habitat housing, budgeting, home maintenance and life skills.

Example of topics included:

Construction/ReStore Safety            
Budgeting and Credit Management 
Homebuyers Education (8 Hrs. Course)
Energy Conservation
Homeowners Insurance
Closing Process
Home Maintenance and Repairs
Basic Banking/Financial Planning
Community Land Trust Education            
Predatory Lending/Foreclosure Prevention

You must be willing to meet all the contractual agreements made with Habitat for Humanity of Marion County, Inc. & maintain SHIP/HUD annual income guidelines through the closing process.

Must be willing to complete 250 sweat equity (volunteer) hours
-Sweat equity hours can be completed on the construction site, at the ReStore locations, at special events or projects and by attending homeowner education classes.
-100 sweat equity hours may be completed by friends & family.

Complete the required homebuyer education classes
-Monthly homebuyer classes
1 - first time homebuyer education workshop
-Encourage other families to participate in the Habitat for Humanity of Marion County program
-Be responsible for the maintenance of your home from the day you move in
-Be responsible for paying your affordable mortgage loan, escrows & ground lease fee in a timely matter so that other families can benefit from the homeownership program.

This program is NOT a "quick fix" for housing problems. It takes 1 - 2 years to complete the process from application to final construction.


Sweat equity - The kids can help too!

Children of partner families may earn sweat equity hours for earning A’s & B’s on their Report Card each quarter.

The credit will be applied as follows:  A on the report card = 2 hours of sweat equity
The credit will be applied as follows:  B on the report card = 1 hour of sweat equity

Children over 10 years of age may participate in sod installations
Children over 18 may work on the Construction site

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